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There Is Enough For Everyone

We’ve been raised in a society that thinks there are winners and losers… that somehow there is a limited amount of success, money, love, joy, enlightenment, abundance. That’s an old paradigm. Life isn’t win/lose, it’s win/win… if you want it to be. Comparing yourself to others you may think there are already enough people doing
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Manifest What You Want In 3 Steps

Thoughts on their own aren’t enough to set the law of attraction in motion. The universe needs 3 things from you if you want it to respond to your wishes. Intention, Visualization and Emotion. The saying you’ve heard a million times “what you think you create” is partially true but not complete. Like Attracts Like
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I respectfully request that you consume the content here with an open mind – ideally, I’m hoping you can hold space for two opposing views/conversations at the same time and add to the discussion even if you don’t agree with what you see. Enjoy!
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How Darkness Tricks You Into Staying Disconnected

The job of the darkness on this planet is to keep you disconnected. In this message, Kryon will teach you how to rise above this deception.
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Connecting To Your Higher Self

Kryon explains in depth why the Third Eye is the key to crossing the bridge to your Higher Self.
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Reading With My Medium

For my birthday this year one of my really good friends got me a reading with my favorite Medium named Jodi (she’s incredible). We talked about how there is a Christ Energy (Love) coming (some of you reading this have already felt it) even though it seems like things are worse than they’ve ever been.
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