Reading With My Medium

For my birthday this year one of my really good friends got me a reading with my favorite Medium named Jodi (she’s incredible).

We talked about how there is a Christ Energy (Love) coming (some of you reading this have already felt it) even though it seems like things are worse than they’ve ever been. Equal and opposite forces!

She told me to research a little bit about Saint Germaine, Spiritual Science and the Seeker path at Camp Chesterfield. I’ve very drawn to proving that science and spirit are different sides of the same coin so maybe this will lead me where I need to go.

We talked a little bit about Aidan and Logan and some future things and we talked a little bit about finding our tribe. This prompted a name and motto for a social skills group the wife is helping create. My Tribe, with the motto of “We Are All One”.

We also talked about a vision of me walking with two golden beams of light trailing behind me like lines on a road and coming to a giant pylon of Amethyst – the only way to pass it was to go through it. Merging with it was my purpose (whatever that means! ideas anyone?)

We talked about how we seem to changed every 11 years – Can you think and establish a timeline every 11 years and notice a change in the system of thought you had?

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