Manifest What You Want In 3 Steps

Thoughts on their own aren’t enough to set the law of attraction in motion. The universe needs 3 things from you if you want it to respond to your wishes. Intention, Visualization and Emotion.

The saying you’ve heard a million times “what you think you create” is partially true but not complete.

Like Attracts Like

Positive Intention/Affirmation/Thinking is critical and essential for successful manifestation of your desires. When these are positively oriented you will attract positive energy that will propel your intentions into the universe. Writing down what you want and then asking/praying for it is a fantastic way to get your intention out there.

Visualize Outcomes

Close your eyes and imagine the outcome that you put out in your intention. Imagine whatever you are wishing for is already yours – you can see it, you see yourself in that situation, job, house, car, place in life, whatever you want. Imagine it so vividly that you can reach out and touch it.

Emotion Is Concrete

Emotions give passion to your thoughts, making them “loud” enough to leave an impression. When you visualize you want to FEEL how the thing you wished for is going to impact you. How does it FEEL to have that thing you want? Be very specific when you combine your visualization and emotion. If you are trying to manifest a new car – how does the wind feel on your face as you drive it with the top down? The sun? Actually, feel the movement in your hair and the warmth on your face. When you combine these three things in your manifestations and then let go and trust that it will come true you’ll be amazed at what you experience and how often things come true.

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